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FREE Installation

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  • Free & unlimited LED Installation
  • Save over 88% on electricity
  • Long life: globes last 20 years
  • Excellent warm white light
  • Installed by qualified licensed A grade Electrician
  • Australian company. Australian call centre



Save up to 88% on electricity for free

Halogen downlights use inefficient and outdated lighting technology, which is why thousands of Australian's are replacing them with energy efficient LEDs.

On average, each halogen downlight costs $25 to run per year. An LED costs only $3 to run per year. That's more than an 88% electricity saving.

A home with 25 downlights will save over $550 per year, on their electricity bill just by making this one off globe change.

On average, our LED globes will last for 20 years.

Are there any string attached?

No. There are no strings attached. We can swap all the downlights in your home. The Victorian government recognizes the power saving benefits of LED and is incentivising households to change to money saving LEDs. There are no hidden charges - we take care of everything.

About Us

Accredited Power Save is one of the largest LED Installers in Australia. We're also 100% accredited by the Victorian Government Energy Saver Incentive Scheme.

Our team of qualified and licensed A Grade Electricians can come to your home and replace all your existing non-dimmable halogen downlights with energy efficient LEDs.

To book your free LED replacements, call your Australian call centre on 1300 066 337.