LED Downlight Range

Below is our full range of LED downlights.

$9.95 LED Downlight

The $9.95 LED replacement is a globe only replacement. It’s non-dimmable and is a good replacement for a general halogen downlight.

If you have existing halogen downlights installed, we can install a minimum of 12 globes for $9.95 each. Fewer than 12 globes attract an additional $10 surcharge per light.

Comes with a 2 year warranty.

Wattage 6W

Lumens >520Lm

Kelvin 3000 (Warm White)

Beam Angle 60°

Dimmable No

Lifetime 33,000 hours (17 Years)

Warranty 2 years


Embertec Dimmable ClassicLED

Want to alter the mood of your room? The Dimmable LED is perfect for living areas.

Comes with a 4 year warranty.

Accredited Power can install a dimmer switch on your existing lights. An additional fee applies.

Wattage 7.8W

Lumens 568Lm

Kelvin 3000 (Warm White)

Beam Angle 61°

Dimmable Yes

Lifetime 36,000 hours (18 Years)

Warranty 4 years