Upgrade to LED lights and
save $866 per year

Smart Solar
for smart people

Slash your electricity bill overnight with LED

Upgrading your existing halogen downlights to LED is one of the most effective ways to reduce your electricity bill. One energy hungry halogen downlight uses more electricity than 8 LEDs combined. An average home with 28 halogen downlights can slash $866 from their electricity bill each year.

Upgrade to longer lasting LED lights today and slash your electricity bill overnight.

Compare the annual electricity cost



per light, per year
× Lifetime: 2 years




per light, per year
  Lifetime: 18 years


Our Experience

Over 1 million lights installed. 100,000+ locations

 Subsidised installations
 88% energy saving
 4X longer life
 Superior light
 All LEDs installed by trained licensed electricians

Commercial lighting

Accredited Power Saver passes on 100% of all rebates for all business & commercial lighting upgrades.

Our team of electricians plan and install lighting solutions across public and private sectors.


Insist on a Smart Solar System Installation


The problem with standard solar

Standard solar limits your ongoing saving potential. Standard solar does not deliver any ongoing advice, comes with no guarantees, can switch offline for months without warning and poorly captures the energy savings they generate. Don’t settle for a standard solar system.


Accredited Power Saver Smart Solar

Our Smart Solar system uses Emberpulse, the industry leading energy management technology, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from your solar investment. Smart Solar ensures your power bill is as low as possible, while notifying you when to use your solar.

Industry leading savings and benefits

Your Smart Solar system will provide you with ongoing home energy advice to ensure you always pay the lowest amount possible for your energy consumption. Enjoy lower energy prices and a suite of industry leading benefits:

Always be notified of the best available energy plan from the hundreds available

$500 energy saving guarantee

Home battery recommender

In-home notification when power is cheap to use

Guaranteed system outage alerts – or we’ll pay you

24/7 whole of home monitoring

Electricity bill forecasts and usage alerts

Energy reports to your inbox

Smart home control


You only get one solar system rebate. Make it count

The government only gives you one solar installation rebate opportunity. Don’t waste your only rebate on an underperforming outdated solar system. An Accredited Power Saver Smart Solar system safeguards your solar investment and continually identifies additional energy saving opportunities for the years to come.


Demand a Smart Solar system that saves you more money

Don’t settle on outdated technology. Choose a better solar system. Click to view more information about an Accredited Power Saver Smart Solar system.


Accredited Power Saver is a wholly Australian owned national energy efficiency installation company that has been installing energy saving solutions and lowering energy bills since 2011.


installed in over
100,000 homes


accredited energy
efficient provider


Over 1 million
tonnes of carbon
dioxide saved


9.2/10 customer
satisfaction rating

Insist on Smart Solar for your home,
available exclusively from Accredited Power Saver

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