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Accredited Power Saver Co is an Australian owned and managed company and have been operating in the Energy Efficiency space since 2011. With operations in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, Accredited Power Saver is your home for home upgrades.

Our Goal

Our customers are central to everything we do. We install energy efficient devices in hundreds of homes every day and our people take pride and care to ensure we take your booking efficiently, we schedule your appointment accurately and installations are completed by our accredited professionals. We know our success to win and keep customers is determined by our ability to put the customer first and to compliantly and safely install the best quality energy efficient devices.

Our mission is to help you make your home safer and more energy efficient

  • Australia’s largest residential LED installer.

  • Trusted installer of quality Hot Water Systems.

  • Professional installers of Solar and Battery systems.

  • Expert Installers, photoelectric Smoke Detectors. 

  • Efficient installers of Energy Management Systems. 

An average 'conventional' Australian home uses:

A conventional home uses -102kWh of energy per day due to the inefficient fuels used to generate power. 

A conventional home spends $5,248 per year on energy related costs including petrol to power their vehicle(s).

Fossil fuels are expensive and pollutants
to the environment 

The average household releases more than 11,000 kg of CO2- e greenhouse gas into the atmosphere every year from its energy use activities. 

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We save an Australian home thousands per year by:

    1.    Installing of rooftop solar panels. 

    2.    Installing of a home battery. 

    3.    Replacing inefficient lighting with LEDs.  

    4.    Replacing air conditioners with high efficiency split systems. 

    5.    Replacing gas appliances with efficient electric ones. 

    6.    Replacing inefficient hot water systems with heat pump hot water systems. 

The efficiency gains from new appliances reduces from 102 kWh to just -37 kWh. a reduction of 64%!

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