About Us

Accredited Power Saver is a wholly Australian owned national energy efficiency installation company operating since 2011.

  • We have Installed energy efficient products in well over 100,000 premises across Australia.
  • We are a registered Electrical Contractor (Contractor Licence 346655C) with large experienced team of Electricians across Australia focused on energy efficient lighting and solar installations.
  • Our team is backed by our customer service and sales call centre based in Adelaide, South Australia.
  • We have an Australian wide accreditation under the Federal Government Renewable Energy Target (RET) to create and sell Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC).
  • In New South Wales we are an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) – Recognised Energy Saving Activity (RESA) Accreditation #GHGRO2142A
  • In Victoria we are an Accredited Person (AP) under the Victorian Energy Efficient Target scheme (VEET) (Accreditation # 343).

Trusted and Accountable

Our team understands that you are entrusting us to safely and effectively improve your home’s (and office’s) energy efficiency. Accredited Power Saver have a proud track record of completing all installations to the highest standard:

  9.2/10 positive customer score   100% energy safe compliance score   100% OH&S compliance record


Protect Your Home and Your Family from Fire

  • Are your existing smoke alarms less than ten years old?
  • Is there a smoke alarm installed between each area that contains a bedroom and another part of the dwelling?
  • Is there a smoke alarm on each level?

If you answer no to any of these questions, your home may not be compliant and not covered by insurance against damage caused by fire.

Get peace of mind and upgrade your Smoke Alarms when we install LED’s for only $65 each.

APSAV EP-SA-Li10 Smoke Alarm with Shadow RGB
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