Business LED Tubes

LED Tube lighting

Energy efficient replacement for existing fluorescent tube lighting. These quality LED tubes use less than 50% of the power of traditional fluorescent lighting. They are also of equivalent brightness, while delivering a significantly longer lifespan.

LightingSizeWattageLumensBeam AngleColour
LED tube600mm6.5W910220°5000K
LED Tube600mm7W921175°4000K
LED tube600mm9W1,260220°5000K
LED Tube1200mm11W1,856175°4000K
LED tube1200mm13W1,850220°5000K
LED Tube1200mm14W1,925175°4000K
LED tube1200mm15W2,100220°5000K
LED Tube1200mm16W2,089175°4000K
LED Tube1200mm16W2,104175°4000K
LED tube1200mm17W2,400220°5000K
LED Tube1500mm18W2,410175°4000K
LED tube1500mm21W2,940220°5000K

Suitable Installations

LED tubes are suitable replacements for all existing fluorescent tube applications. These include offices, factories, warehouses, schools, retail and car parks.


LED Tube comparison

Upgrading from existing fluorescent lights to LED makes sense. LED tube technology has improved significantly over the last few years, making it cheaper and more effective. Combine this with available government subsidies and your business can slash its operating costs overnight.