How LED lighting can slash your operating costs

Lighting is a necessary business expense. However traditional lighting is now an unnecessary expense that inflates your operating costs every month.

Next generation LEDs are available for fluorescent tubes, high bays and general lights. By upgrading to LED, you can cut your power bill overnight and enjoy equivalent brightness with longer lasting light.

LED Upgrades make financial sense

Below are the savings and investment return of a small office. This office upgraded its 30 x fluorescent tubes to LED:


(Based on replacing 30 x fluorescent tubes for premises open 5 days a week, 10 hours per day @ $0.26 kWh. Savings calculated on the life of the product, approx 13.8 years)

For every $1 the office invested in upgrading, the project delivered $20.71 in lifetime savings. If a small business can secure these savings on a small investment, a larger business can save significantly more.

With available government subsidies, there’s never been a better time to save money with an LED lighting upgrade. We offer LED upgrades to all business premises including:



But my lights aren’t broken…

That’s correct. But they are using inefficient technology that drains up to 85% more power than required. This means you have to needlessly spend more on electricity every hour. Your inefficient lights also burn out quicker. Modern LEDs have a lifespan of between 2 – 10 times longer, reducing your maintenance bill. Next generation LEDs can replace your fluorescent tubes, high bays and general lights. We can upgrade a full range of lighting, including fluorescent tubes, highbays, shop lights and downlights.


The Victorian government has recognised the benefit of LED upgrades and are endorsing incentives for businesses to upgrade. Take advantage of these subsidies and your lighting upgrade will pay for itself in savings in ~12 months. This far exceeds the payback period that solar power can deliver (~10+ years).

Why upgrade to LED?


Slash your electricity bill: Inefficient lighting should be assessed like an inefficient process. It costs you more money than necessary to achieve the same outcome. Our LED lighting upgrades can slash your lighting operating costs by up to 85% per light.



Reduce you maintenance bill: In addition to using less electricity, our LED lights have a longer lifespan, typically lasting 2-10 times the life of traditional lighting. This translates into fewer maintenance replacement requests and outages. This protects your bottom line.



Claim your government subsidy: All Victorian businesses are eligible for subsidies to upgrade to efficient lighting. We can manage the whole process to ensure you receive the maximum possible subsidy. This will significantly reduce your lighting investment.



Enjoy reliable brightness: Your newly installed LEDs will provide the same or better light than your equivalent existing lights. They will also have a superior lifespan.


About Accredited Power Saver

Accredited Power Saver is an Australian company. Our experienced team of qualified A grade Electricians have installed over 1 million energy efficient lights across 50,000 locations, making us one of the largest energy efficient lighting installers in Australia.

We handle all the assessment and paperwork – detailing your benefits at all stages.

 The Assessment and Installation Process


Call us: We can quickly determine your lighting subsidy eligibility and answer any questions you have.



Your ROI and savings: We will draft an LED upgrade proposal based on your exact business. This will detail your total investment, total subsidy, payback period and annual/lifetime savings.


Install: Together we will arrange an installation date and time that suits your business operations.



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