Car Park Lighting Upgrades

Slash the energy bill of your car park by up to 70% overnight. Accredited Power Saver is experienced in upgrading existing inefficient car park lighting. We have upgraded a full range of car parks including:

  • open air car park lighting
  • underground car park lighting
  • multi-storey car park lighting

Enjoy overnight energy savings

Our team of electricians has upgraded over 1 million lights across more than 50,000 locations. We have a thorough understanding of the needs of car parks. Below are the details of the lighting upgrade we completed for a car park in Sandringham.

Lights upgraded92
Installation time1 day
Energy saving71%
Payback1 month
Return per $1 invested$52.02
Lifetime saving$16,707

Your new lights will be the same or brighter, while using up to 70% less energy and lasting more than twice as long.

Claim your government subsidy

We pass on 100% of your subsidy entitlement. This enables us to provide an up to 100% subsidy on car park lighting installations.