Retail lighting upgrades

Slash your energy bill by up to 70% by upgrading your retail shop lighting. Accredited Power Saver has a full range of shop lighting options, including efficient tubes, downlights and general lights. We can upgrade:

  • large scale retail operations
  • franchise locations
  • factory/retail hybrid locations
  • single fronted retail

Enjoy overnight energy savings

Our team of electricians has upgraded over 1 million lights across more than 50,000 locations. We have a thorough understanding of the needs of retail shops. Below are the details of the lighting upgrade we completed for a larger retail shop in Dandenong.

Lights upgraded301
Installation time2 days
Energy saving74%
Payback1 month
Return per $1 invested$181.01
Lifetime saving$102,859

In each case, your replaced lighting will be up to 70% more efficient and remain in working order for over twice as long. This significantly reduces your ongoing maintenance and outages.

Your new lights will also provide equal or better brightness.

Claim your government subsidy

We pass on 100% of your subsidy entitlement. Contact us for a no obligation quote, which will provide you with a full and detailed investment and benefits assessment.