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  • FREE Energy Efficient Heat Pump Hot Water System and Government backed

Thanks to the Federal and some State Energy Saving Schemes, we are able to replace your existing inefficient electric hot water system with a new energy efficient hot water system at heavily subsidised prices. We replace your existing electric hot water system with an energy efficient Heat Pump hot water system – the costs of your New Energy Efficient Hot Water system is FREE. Yes, it's free and the Electrician and Plumber installation costs are heavily subsidised. Installation costs will vary from state and location of your home.

Benefits of a heat pump HOT water system

  • Eco Friendly Savings, CFC Free, renewable energy. Extracted from the air. Reducing your energy costs by up to 70%. Saving our environment and your wallet.

  • A 70% energy savings also means a 70% savings to your back pocket. A household of 5 people will save over $1000 every year.*

  • With a wide operating temperature range, this heat pump is made for Australian conditions. It has an ambient operating range from -7°C to +40°C.

  • Fully approved under the Victorian Government’s Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program and the NSW Government’s Energy Saving Scheme (ESS)

One size does not fit all

Hot water needs vary from family to family, and we have your needs covered. The size of your water heating system should match your household requirements:

  215 litre capacity – is ideal for families of three to five people
 290 litre capacity – this twin system is ideal for families of 6 or more people

The process is the same as the one that powers your refrigerator, air conditioner or reverse cycle air conditioner (also known as a heat pump). When your reverse cycle air conditioner is working in winter, it is extracting the heat from the ambient air outside and pumping it into the house. That’s what a heat pump water heater does. It takes the heat from the ambient air and uses it to heat your hot water.

SAVE over $1,000 every year on electricity bills

Frequently Asked Questions

A heat pump hot water system can save you well over a thousand dollars a year on electricity costs compared to a typical electric hot water system. Assuming you use the same amount of hot water before and after your new system is installed then you can expect to save 70% off the cost to generate hot water. For a house of 5 people, using 180 litres of hot water a day can equate to $1,000 per year saved on energy bills!*

Only fully licensed Electricians and Plumbers install our Hot Water Systems

Our team of Accredited Electricians and Plumbers will replace your existing hot water system with a brand-new Heat Pump Hot Water System. Enjoy cheap and uninterrupted hot water.

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  • Professional installations

  • Hot Water System installations require a licensed Electrician and Plumber to complete the installation compliantly. They replace and install your NEW and FREE hot water system in the same place as your existing system**.

    On completion of the works, you will be provided with:


  • New South Wales Fair Trading – Compliance Certificate of Electrical Works.

  • New South Wales Fair Trading – Compliance Certificate for Plumbing and Drainage.

  • **The New South Wales Government‘s Energy Saving Scheme requires a minimum customer contribution of $33.

vic-map-0821 states-green

  • Energy Safe Victoria – Certificate of Electrical Safety.

  • Victorian Building Authority – VBA Compliance Certificate.

  • Customer Testimonials

Request an Energy Efficient Heat Pump HOT Water system upgrade today

  • To verify your eligibility we require photographs of:

  • 1. Your existing hot water system to confirm what type of system you currently have.

  • 2. A close up image of the existing hot water system compliance plate/serial number.

  • 3. The area around your hot water system – a two-metre space is required.

  • 4. Your electrical switchboard to ensure we can add a new circuit.

  • 5. Clear access to your existing hot water system.

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