LED Lighting Upgrades

Slash your energy bill by upgrading your lights with energy efficient LED downlights. LED lighting is superior to old style halogen, incandescent and fluorescent lights because they last longer and most importantly, they require significantly less electricity to generate the equivalent amount and quality of light, therefore, they are significantly cheaper to run.

For example, upgrading your existing halogen downlights to LED is one of the most effective ways to reduce your electricity bill. One energy hungry halogen downlight uses more electricity than 10 LEDs combined. An average home with 28 halogen downlights can slash $960 from their electricity bill each year. Upgrade to longer lasting LED lights today and slash your electricity bill overnight. If your home has old style lights, you’re paying too much for electricity. Halogen, incandescent and compact fluorescent lights are outdated and inefficient, consuming up to 90% more electricity than LED lights. With Accredited Power you get an LED downlights professionally installed by a fully Licensed Electrician.

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An average home with 28 LED downlights can save $960 per year

Halogen downlights use inefficient and outdated lighting technology, which costs more to run every time you turn the light on. That’s why Australians are replacing them with energy efficient LEDs. An average home with 28 existing halogen downlights can slash $960 from their electricity bill each year, just by getting an LED lighting upgrade.*

  • Subsidised LED downlight installations

  • Save on your energy bills by using 90% less electricity

  • Longer lasting energy efficient LED bulbs

  • Superior
    light quality

  • All LEDs installed by Licensed Electricians

*Comparison based on a 50 W halogen vs 5W LED @ 38c per kWh for 5.5 hours per day.

Compare the annual electricity cost



per light, per year



per light, per year


Our LED Installers Use the Best Quality Downlights

LED lighting technology has come a long way in the last ten years and after installing well over a million LED lights we know and understand where to procure the best products for each environment. All our LED downlight installations have passed the most rigorous test reports before we commission our own testing regime where we test:

  • Compatibility and Robustness:

    Ongoing life, ability to be switched on and off repeatedly and compatibility with control gear.

  • Lumens:

    Measures how much light is emitted. The more lumens, the more light. Fewer lumens mean less light. The required and preferred lumens will depend on each room and environment.

  • Kelvin:

    Measures the temperature of the light emitted, or in other words the colour of the light. In commercial LED and residential LED environments, it generally varies from cool white (6000k), to neutral (4500k) to warm white (3000k).

Our LED Lighting Types

GU10 LED downlights:

Eclipse HP recessed luminaire downlights:

MR16 LED downlights:

GU10 LED downlight replacements are retrofitted, i.e., swapped out for halogen GU10, or converting MR16s.

The Eclipse HP (High Performance) Recessed Luminaire in both 70 mm and 90 mm sizes, can replace your existing halogen MR16 and halogen GU10 downlights.

MR16 LED downlight replacements are retrofitted i.e., swapping out standard MR16 halogen downlights.

Crystal GU10
an led downlight
  • Use less than 90% less electricity than 50 W halogen

  • Replicates brightness and colour of the 50 W halogen 

  • Last much longer than halogen downlights,

  • Generate 90% less heat and reducing the fire risk

  • Do not require a transformer.

Our GU10s are suitable for GU10 dimmable and non-dimmable retrofit replacement and we can also replace MR16 downlights if you want dimmable lights and if you want to eliminate the need for transformers. The globe is easy to change – simply push and twist to install or remove.

Wattage: <5 W
Beam Angle:  66°
Lumens: 504 lm
Colour (Kelvin): Warm white (3000K)
Dimmable: Yes


  • Use less than 90% less electricity than 50W halogen

  • Warm, neutral, or cool, colour options

  • Last much longer than halogen downlights,

  • Generate 90% less heat and the risk of ceiling fires.

  • Do not require a transformer.

The Eclipse HP LED disperses 523 lumens for 70 mm fittings and 542 lumens for 90 mm fittings, both with a broad 90° beam angle. These premium quality downlights are ideal for proud homeowners and high-quality residential environments. The Eclipse HP has a recessed polycarbonate diffuser, a matte white finish and gives your home a modern and elegant ambience.

They are dimmable and can be pre-set to yield a warm (3000K), neutral (4000K) or cool (5000K) light and is suitable to replace existing halogen MR16 or GU10 downlights. Upgrade your home with premium luminaires. The Eclipse HP LED does not require transformers, we install plug bases in the ceiling and are therefore plugged straight into a socket in your ceiling which does not require an Electrician to replace.

Wattage: 5 W
Beam Angle: 90°
Lumens: 521-538 lm
Colour (Kelvin): Warm (3000K), Neutral (4000k) or Cool (5000K)
Dimmable: Yes


  • Use less than 90% less electricity than 50 W halogen

  • Replicates brightness and colour 50 W halogen

  • Last much longer than halogen downlights

  • Generate 90% less heat reducing the risk of ceiling fires.

This is the cheapest and easiest solution to reduce your electricity costs. However, MR16s require transformer connections, which can have compatibility issues with LEDs. Our LEDs are compatible with 100% of magnetic transformers and 98% of Electronic transformers, and we only install on your existing compatible transformers. Transformers can have a shorter lifespan than LEDs, and they require Electricians to change them.

In the remote chance your existing transformers are not LED compatible, we can convert your MR16s to GU10s or you can upgrade to Recessed Luminaires.

Wattage: <5 W
Beam Angle:  60°
Lumens: 480 lm
Colour (Kelvin): Warm white (3000K)
Dimmable: No. If your existing MR16s are dimmable and you want to maintain dimmable downlights, they will need to be converted to GU10 or upgraded to recessed luminaires.


Frequently Asked Questions

LED lights last longer and are more energy-efficient than old-style halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent lights. It significantly reduces electricity bills, with potential savings of up to $960 per year for an average home with 28 halogen downlights.

Standard Globes

Make your whole home more energy efficient and maximise your savings by replacing your old inefficient Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) and Incandescent Lights to LED. Available in both Bayonet and Eddison screw.

Existing Globes

  • Up to 100 W and above

  • Expensive to operate

  • CFL globes may contain mercury

  • Incandescent globes are too hot

indication of upgrading to led downlights

LED Globes

  • Up to 7 W in VIC and up to 11 W in NSW and QLD

  • Extra bright

  • Longer life

  • Up to 90% cheaper to operate

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