NSW LED Lighting Upgrades

If your home has old style lights, you’re paying too much for electricity. Halogen, incandescent and compact fluorescent lights are outdated and inefficient, consuming up to 90% more electricity than LED lights.

FREE LED replacements for just a $33 electrician fee

Accredited Power Saver is accredited under the NSW government to offer full LED lighting replacements for a one off $33 electrician fee.

Take advantage of the NSW government incentive and slash your electricity overnight.

Your new LED lights will be superior in running costs, light quality and ongoing life. Receive unlimited and free non-dimmable replacement LEDs for a one off cost of only $33. Dimmable and premium LEDs are available at heavily subsided prices.

An average home with 28 downlights can save $866 per year

Halogen downlights use inefficient and outdated lighting technology, which costs more to run every time you turn the light on. That’s why thousands of Australians are replacing them with energy efficient LEDs.

An average home with 28 halogen downlights can slash $866 from their electricity bill each year, just by switching to LED downlights.*

  • Subsidised installations

  • Use 90% less electricity

  • Longer lasting lights

  • Superior light quality

  • All LEDs installed by Licensed Electricians

Compare the annual electricity cost



per light, per year




per light, per year


Full LED replacement details

  • All installations completed by a trained and Licensed Electrician.

  • Available to NSW residents with homes that have existing halogen, incandescent and compact fluorescent lights.

  • Replacement LED downlights are non-dimmable (dimmable LEDs available – see product range below).

  • Accredited Power Saver is approved under the recognised energy saving activity (RESA) accreditation: GHGR02142A.

Residential LED downlight range

Accredited Power offers a range of standard (free) replacement LEDs and premium LED downlight options. Downlights are available for MR16 and GU10 connections.

Some home owners choose to beautify their home by upgrading to the Fully Integrated Recessed LED Luminaire which can be preset to the colour ambient of your choosing.


Request a free LED assessment today

Accredited Power Saver has improved the energy efficiency of over 100,000 Australian homes. Book your LED replacement installationtoday. No deposit required, pay just $33 for unlimited standard LED replacements.

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Protect Your Home and Your Family from Fire

  • Are your existing smoke alarms less than ten years old?
  • Is there a smoke alarm installed between each area that contains a bedroom and another part of the dwelling?
  • Is there a smoke alarm on each level?

If you answer no to any of these questions, your home may not be compliant and not covered by insurance against damage caused by fire.

Get peace of mind and upgrade your Smoke Alarms when we install LED’s for only $65 each.

APSAV EP-SA-Li10 Smoke Alarm with Shadow RGB
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