Commercial Lighting

Accredited Power Saver passes on all rebates to customers which ensures they get the best products installed and the best prices.

Accredited Power Saver have a large team of fully Licensed Electricians trained to replace inefficient lighting with LEDs with little to no disruption to your business operations.


Slash your electricity bill by up to 73%

Take advantage of the State Government incentive and slash your office’s electricity bill overnight. Our licensed Electricians can upgrade all your existing fluorescent tube lighting to efficient LED panel lighting.

Your new LED panels will be superior to fluorescent tubes in running costs, light quality and ongoing life. An average office with 100 lighting units can save $6,271 in electricity costs.

Change your inefficient fluorescent tubes to LED panels

Accredited Power Saver offers a full range of energy efficient lighting, from LED downlights and LED panels, to LED high bays. All lighting options are rebate subsidy compliant, maximising the return of your upgrade.


Car Parks






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Protect Your Home and Your Family from Fire

  • Are your existing smoke alarms less than ten years old?
  • Is there a smoke alarm installed between each area that contains a bedroom and another part of the dwelling?
  • Is there a smoke alarm on each level?

If you answer no to any of these questions, your home may not be compliant and not covered by insurance against damage caused by fire.

Get peace of mind and upgrade your Smoke Alarms when we install LED’s for only $65 each.

APSAV EP-SA-Li10 Smoke Alarm with Shadow RGB
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