Free Victoria LED Lighting upgrades

If your home has halogen downlights or outdated general lights, you’re paying too much for electricity. Halogen downlights are outdated and inefficient, consuming up to 90% more electricity than LED downlights.

And outdated general lights can also consume up to 80% more electricity than LED general lights and gradually dim over time.

Take advantage of State Government incentives and slash your electricity bill overnight. Your new LED lights will be superior in running costs, light quality and ongoing life.

FREE LED replacements

Accredited Power Saver is accredited under the Victorian government to offer full LED lighting replacements for free.

Take advantage of the Victorian government incentive and slash your electricity overnight. Receive unlimited and free non-dimmable replacement LEDs for free.


Average home can save $866 per year

Halogen downlights use inefficient and outdated lighting technology, which costs more to run every time you turn the light on. That’s why thousands of Australians are replacing them with energy efficient LEDs.

An average home with 28 halogen downlights can slash $866 from their electricity bill each year, just by switching to LED downlights.*

  Use 90% less electricity
  16 year lifetime
  Superior light quality
  Installed by a licensed electrician

Compare the annual electricity cost



per light, per year
× Lifetime: 2 years




per light, per year
  Lifetime: 18 years


Full LED replacement details

  • Free and unlimited number of new LED lights to replace halogen downlights, CFL or incandescent lights
  • All installations completed by a trained and licensed electrician
  • Available to Vic residents with homes that have existing halogen, incandescent or CFL lights to be changed to LED
  • A minimum of 10 existing incandescent, CFL or halogen lights are required
  • Accredited Power Saver is an Accredited Person (AP) under the Victorian Energy Efficient Target scheme (VEET) (Accreditation # 343).

Free LED general light replacement

Accredited Power offers a standard general light replacement. Replace your existing CFL or incandescent general lights with LED general lights.

Watts 7W
Lumens 1000 lm
Colour Warm white 3000k
Dimmable No
Connection B22 / E27

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