Important Information for Consumers


Under Australian Consumer Law, you have 10 business days to change your mind and cancel your installation appointment. This does not apply if the quotation/invoice is for less than $100.00, or if contact with us was initiated by you.


  • Hot Water Systems offer available to premises with an existing electric resistance hot water system to be replaced with an Energy Efficient Heat Pump Hot Water system and installed in the same location as the system to be replaced. Additional charges may apply that can only be identified by the installer on the day of installation. These include but are not limited to relocation of the Heat Pump Hot Water system(s); additional plumbing works required e.g. additional copper piping, pressure valves/limiters, of the existing system to be replaced is a gas heated hot water system.
  • Lighting, Solar, Air Conditioning and Hot Water systems which require additional electrical works e.g. hard-wiring/double-wiring of transformer(s) or removing transformers screwed to battens; any additional safety rectification work; high ceiling or high access or equipment and any control gear disconnection or installation works for compatibility reasons may incur an additional charge.
  • These charges will/have been explained to you before work was undertaken.
  • You are/were under no obligation to accept any additional charges, but if you do/did not, we may not complete the installation.


  • Pricing for jobs/installation under any Federal and or State Government related Energy Savings Scheme is dependent on the customer assigning the right to create the relevant Certificates such as Demand Response Certificates and Energy Saving Certificates (in NSW), Victorian Energy Efficient Certificates (in Victoria) Small scale Technology Certificates (across Australia) to Accredited Power Saver Co Pty Ltd.
  • Installations of Energy Efficient device(s) is provided as part of the relevant State and or Federal Government scheme and is only available to eligible households in accordance with the scheme’s rules. You have agreed, you will sign the documents provided to you, by your installer and you agree/have agreed that we may provide your contact details to Accredited Power Saver Co Pty Ltd and to the relevant administrator for this purpose.


  • The online payment is secured through the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s (CBA) secure BPOINT payment gateway.
  • Payments using our BPOINT payment page may be made using Visa or MasterCard credit cards.
  • All payments are to be in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  • We accept part payment only where full payment of the account is made by the stipulated due date on the invoice - which is before or the day of installation completion.
  • Final payments must be paid in full and by no later than the day of installation completion.


You warrant that:

  • You are aged 18 or over.
  • You have the appropriate authority to validly accept the Terms and you will meet your obligations in relation to the Terms.
  • The credit card used in connection with this service is issued in your name.
  • You will pay the with credit card issuer all charges incurred in the use of the Service.
  • The information supplied by you is true and correct.


Accredited Power Saver Co Pty Ltd (Accredited Power) staff may become aware of information relating to the business of Accredited Power, including but not limited to client lists, trade secrets, client details and pricing structures. Confidential information, including client lists, trade secrets, pricing structures and all documents created by staff in the course of employment remain the sole property of Accredited Power and shall not, without the prior consent from Accredited Power and the source origin of the information, directly or indirectly divulge to any person or use the confidential information for Accredited Power’s or another’s benefit.

All documents relating to the Government Scheme related jobs must accompany their individual job number, whether completed, in progress, pending, cancelled or requiring following up for warranty of other reasons will be kept on file securely and in accordance with best practice and commonly accepted ‘Document Control standards’.

Accredited Power is dedicated to keeping customer, consumer, and business details private. Any information Accredited Power collect in relation to customers, consumers and business is strictly kept secured. Accredited Power does not pass on, sell, or exchange personal information with anyone, unless instructed to do so by law.


Accredited Power Saver Co Pty Ltd takes customer complaints seriously, from both a customer service perspective and to ensure that all of its installations are safe and compliant.

A warranty job can result from a variety of complaints ranging from:

  • Faulty product(s),
  • Faulty installation(s),
  • Damage caused from installation(s),
  • Poor service.

All consumer complaints are respected and investigated with diligence and when Accredited Power Saver Co Pty Ltd are verified as being wholly responsible for the complaint an appropriate make good commitment will be met.


  • A product warranty is exercised if a product has been installed and is not fit for purpose or fails to perform to the product performance specifications, within the product warranty period.
  • All products installed come with a minimum of a 1-year product warranty provided the product has not been tampered with in any way. Please contact customer service on 1300 066 345 for any warranty claim or customer complaint.


Service warranties are defined as damage and or poor workmanship as a result of works completed and all legitimate and verified service warranties will be made good.

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