Unlimited Subsidised Whole of Home LED Upgrades

Upgrade your whole home to LED

If your home has halogen downlights, you’re paying too much for electricity. Halogen downlights are outdated and inefficient, using up to 88% more electricity than LED downlights. Take advantage of State Government incentives and slash your electricity overnight. Your new LED downlights will be superior to halogen in running costs, light quality and ongoing life.

  • Upgrade all your home’s lights from halogen downlights to LED downlights
  • Installation by an A grade Electrician
  • Save over 88% on electricity
  • Long life: globes last over 16 years
  • Warm white light
  • Australian company. Australian call centre

Supported by the NSW Government

Save up to 88% on your electricity bill

If you have halogen downlights, you are unnecessarily wasting money every day.

Halogen downlights use inefficient and outdated lighting technology, which costs more to run every time you turn the light on. That’s why thousands of Australians are replacing them with energy efficient LEDs.

State Governments around Australia recognise the power saving benefits of LED and are encouraging residents to change. To reward positive change we are providing subsidised LED replacements for a limited time.

On average, each halogen downlight costs $35.13 per year to run. An LED costs only $4.21 per year to run. That’s more than an 88% electricity saving.

It also means that a home with 25 downlights will save over $773 per year on its electricity bill just by making this one off globe change. On average, our LED globes will last over 16 years.

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Anything else I need to know?

You must have existing halogen downlights to take advantage of this offer. Available to residents in selected areas. Call us to check if your home is eligible.

Homes with fewer than 10 downlights are not eligible for the LED upgrade.

If you have MR16 dimmable downlights, We can provide a subsidised dimmable LEDs for an additional charge.

A surcharge may apply for ceiling heights above 3.2 metres.

Problems with Transformers?

Transformers convert high voltage to low voltage AC and they are required for all MR16 downlights. Transformers do have limitations in that some electronic transformers are not LED compatible and transformers often have a shorter lifespan than the LED itself. This problem can be resolved by changing MR16 downlights to GU10 downlights.


GU10 downlights do not require transformers. They are dimmable and are easy to replace – which means customers no longer need to pay for the expense of a future electrician having to replace a failed transformer.

About Us

Accredited Power Saver is the largest home LED installer in Australia. We’ve installed over 1 million globes across 65,000 homes.

Our team of professional A grade electricians are supported by an Australian call centre.

To book your free LED replacements, call our Australian call centre on 1300 066 345.

“"This will save me money. Thank you very much!"”

Samuel, C - Lynbrook, Victoria

“"My mum just got her lights replaced and is really happy with them."”

Alex, S - Malvern, Victoria

“Your electrician is an outstanding operator, not only courteous but the most industrious & efficient tradesman I have ever had working for me. As an 85 year old retired businessman having had 40 years”

P. Coombs -

“Friends of ours recently advised us how happy they were with their LED globes installed by yourselves”

Martin, S - Toorak, Victoria