Smart Solar system

Insist on a Smart Solar system that GUARANTEES savings

Don’t just invest in solar, invest in Smart Solar.

As electricity prices continue to rise, over 2 million Australians have already slashed their energy bill by installing solar.

Australian electricity prices are among the most expensive in the world, while advances in solar technology have created cheaper solar systems that produce more energy. And with the availability of government rebates, there has never been a better time to install solar on your home.

But are they getting the best value out of their investment? Simply installing a standard solar system will end up costing you thousands of dollars in lost energy savings. Standard solar systems are often outdated and will offer little benefit in the energy market of the future.

That’s why, at Accredited Power Saver, we only install Smart Solar systems powered by Emberpulse. Our Smart Solar system transforms your home into an elite money saving investment.

The problem with standard solar systems

Not all solar systems are created equal.

Standard solar systems are sold with promises of big energy savings. Unfortunately, over-eager solar salespeople and poor quality installations have left many Australian homes with expensive systems that are producing a fraction of the savings promised. A standard solar system won’t protect you against the ongoing hidden traps of solar system ownership:

22% cent of solar installations had installation problems

(Clean Energy Regulator 2018)
52% of solar systems are failing to perform to their expected specification 14% of the solar systems develop a major fault every year and stop working altogether. (

This outage can take up to 4 months toidentify, resulting in $600 of unnecessary electricity bills.

You only get one solar system rebate. Make it count

You only get one chance to install solar correctly. An Accredited Power Saver Smart Solar system safeguards your solar investment and continually identifies additional energy saving opportunities for the years to come.

The Accredited Smart Solar System guarantees you savings or your money back

With over 5,000 solar installers across Australia and thousands of available solar system configuration options, it’s now more important than ever to ensure the solar system you choose will perform for decades to come.

The Accredited Power Saver Smart Solar system includes Emberpulse, a personal home energy advisor which works seamlessly with your solar system. Emberpulse provides you with an energy saving guarantee, whole of home monitoring and smart home automation control options. Plus it will pinpoint the best time to invest in a home battery, based on your unique energy needs.

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Compare the benefits of a traditional solar system to a Smart Solar system available from Accredited Power Saver:
Solar generation monitoring Optional extra cost
Whole of home grid and solar monitoring ×
$500 energy saving guarantee ×
Best energy plan recommendation ×
Proactive remote solar system outage alerts ×
Solar outage payments guarantee ×
Real-time electricity bill forecast ×
In-home notifications when it's cheapest to use power ×
Pinpoints when to install a home battery ×
Automation and smart home control ×
App and online dashboard ×

Smart Solar benefits in detail

Emberpulse is an intelligent in-home system that comes with your solar installation. Emberpulse acts as your personal energy advisor, safeguarding your solar investment and providing you ongoing and personalised saving opportunities.

Designed in Australia, Emberpulse uses your unique energy profile to independently assess energy plans, home battery options and more. It’s guaranteed to find you $500 in energy savings, or you can receive a refund*

  • benefit-icon1
    $500 energy saving guarantee

    Save money, guaranteed. Emberpulse guarantees to find you at least $500 in energy savings over three years. Savings may include identifying a better energy plan, recommending a solar system (for non solar homes) or home battery, or automating your energy usage.

    If Emberpulse doesn't find you at least $500 in savings, we'll pay you the difference between your identified savings and the $500 guarantee.

    This guarantee does not apply to installations in the Northern Territory or Western Australia.

  • benefit-icon2
    In-home ‘cheap energy’ notifications

    Stop guessing when it’s best to use power. Your in-home Emberpulse unit will advise you at a glance when it’s cheapest to use energy.

    Your Emberpulse system will assess your electricity plan details and live solar generation – then recommend if it’s currently a cheap time to use solar power through a simple easy to use interface.

    When your power is cheap, your Emberpulse unit will pulse green. When your power is expensive, Emberpulse will pulse red.

    You can also customise your in-home notification to advise you on your current energy usage vs your last bill period or to inform you on your forecasted energy bill in real-time based on your actual energy usage.

  • benefit-icon3
    Electricity bill forecasts and usage alerts

    Emberpulse helps you avoid bill shock by allowing you to set an electricity budget. Emberpulse will notify you when your home is tracking against your electricity budget. This helps you adjust your usage to prevent larger than expected electricity bills before they arrive in your letterbox or inbox.

  • benefit-icon4
    Home battery recommender

    Under the right conditions, installing a home battery can further slash your energy bill. Emberpulse takes the confusion out of home batteries by pinpointing when if makes sense for you to install a home battery.

    The Emberpulse battery recommender will assess your unique energy profile and provide a detailed report on home battery suitability. This battery recommender includes a financial assessment of different battery sizes, along with their installation costs.

    The independence of this report helps you avoid dishonest sales people and unnecessary extra cost.

  • benefit-icon5
    Ongoing Australian support

    Emberpulse comes with full ongoing support from a dedicated Australian customer service team. You can call or email Emberpulse with any questions.

  • benefit-icon6
    Best available energy plan

    Ensure you’re always on the best energy plan and getting the best energy deal for your solar system.

    Emberpulse analytics use YOUR live energy data to assess against 5,000+ electricity plans across Australia. This unique analysis identifies the cheapest available plan for your needs.

    Average saving of $451 per year. This equates to an energy saving of over $11,000 over the life of your Smart Solar system. Savings you can’t get without Emberpulse.

  • benefit-icon7
    24/7 whole of home monitoring

    Standard solar systems may occasionally offer ‘solar only’ monitoring. This monitoring only provides an overview of your solar energy generation – and completely ignores your important household energy usage.

    Emberpulse provides 24/7 solar monitoring and energy consumption information. This allows you to get a full understanding of your home’s energy profile – not just your solar system energy generation.

  • benefit-icon8
    Proactive energy reports to your inbox

    Emberpulse ensures you are always informed about your unique energy profile. Choose to receive detailed reports daily, weekly or to coincide with your energy bill cycle.

    Plus you can always view live charts from the Emberpulse app or online portal.

  • benefit-icon9
    Guaranteed outage alerts – or we’ll pay you

    Emberpulse protects your solar system from silent outages that could remain undetected for up to 4 months.

    Emberpulse guarantees to notify you of a solar system outage, or we’ll pay for the lost solar revenue during the outage.

    This outage guarantee is exclusive to Emberpulse Smart Solar systems.

  • benefit-icon10
    Smart home control options

    Emberpulse also functions as a smart home hub, allowing you to remotely control your home’s air conditioning, lights and appliances directly via the Emberpulse app.

    Use Emberpulse to adjust your air conditioner before you get home, or turn on a light for added home security.

An average 21% in increased annual savings

Don’t get short changed by a solar system. Accredited Power Saver provides a Smart Solar system that will protect your solar investment and continue to find energy saving opportunities for the years to come using Emberpulse.

A recent Solar Citizen’s report found that a vigilant household with solar can save up to $420 per year if they were able to locate the cheapest deal from the hundreds of available energy plans.

Emberpulse finds the average customer $451 in yearly savings on their electricity bill alone. That’s an additional $11,275 in savings over the life of your solar panels.


You only get one solar system rebate. Make it count

The government only gives you one solar installation rebate opportunity. Don’t waste your only rebate on an underperforming outdated solar system. An Accredited Power Saver Smart Solar system safeguards your solar investment and continually identifies additional energy saving opportunities for the years to come.

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Terms and conditions: Emberpulse guarantees to find $500 in savings over 3 years, or we’ll pay you the difference between your identified savings and the $500 guarantee. Control features may require additional equipment. Energy plan recommendations selected from a panel of approved commercial partners. Emberpulse system must be active to claim the guarantee. Home control options may require additional hardware.

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