Maximise savings with a quality solar system

Smart solar enabled. Battery ready

As electricity prices continue to rise, over 1.8 million Australians are slashing their power bill by installing solar. Over 9,000 new solar systems are installed on Australian roofs every day. And it makes sense.

Australian electricity is among the most expensive in the world, while solar technology is now cheaper than ever. A professionally installed solar system can slash an average $1,600 annually from a home’s electricity bill. Generous government subsidies and feed-in tariffs now mean that the average solar system pays for itself it less than 3 years.

A trusted smart solar system, guaranteed to perform

Accredited Power Saver is a 100% Australian owned company. Our installation team has installed energy efficient solutions in over 100,000 homes across Australia.

Our energy management system allows you to view your solar and energy use in real time. It’s guaranteed to alert you to an outage, or you will be paid for your lost solar revenue.

Quality products, guaranteed

All our solar installations come with a 25 year performance warranty and an industry leading inverter. In addition, every solar installation includes a home energy management system, which:

  • Guarantees to slash your energy bill by $500
  • Recommends the best energy plan based on your actual energy usage
  • Notifies you when it’s best to use your solar generation
  • Pinpoints the best time to install a home battery, by using your unique energy profile
  • Guarantees to alert you to a solar outage, or we’ll pay your lost solar revenue
  • Provides real time 24/7 monitoring of your solar and grid energy usage
  • Provides power bill forecasts based on consumption and your individual energy plan.

Free solar saving assessment

How much can solar save you? Don’t overpay for a system you don’t need.

Contact Accredited Power Saver for a free solar saving assessment. Our team of energy experts will conduct a detailed free assessment of your home’s energy needs and sun exposure.

See how much a solar system can slash your home’s energy bill.