Solar You Can Trust

Maximise your savings with a quality solar system

All our Solar installations comprise Tier 1 solar panels, industry leading inverters and a home energy management system that provides customers complete assurance knowing their solar system is working as intended and efficiently.  We provide generous service and product warranties, but more importantly, our customers can monitor the real time generation and use of their power via their phone, tablet device or computer, which gives customers the assurance and complete trust their solar system is working to maximise your savings.

At Accredited Power Saver we give customers the assurance they need and much more. Every solar installation includes a home energy management system, which:

  • Provides real time 24/7 monitoring of solar generated and used
  • Recommends the best energy plan based on real energy usage
  • Advises when it is right to install a battery based on individual customers energy generation & consumption
  • Alerts customers of a potential power outage effecting solar generation. We also provide a loss of income guarantee
  • Provides power bill forecasts based on consumption and your individual energy plan.

Now is the time to invest in solar

As electricity prices continue to rise, Australians are installing solar systems in record numbers. And it makes sense.

Solar technology is now cheaper than ever. Improvements in manufacturing have reduced the price of solar by 50% since 2013. Plus, you’re now paid more for the solar power you export to the grid.

Over 1.7 million Australian homes now have solar power. Over 9,000 new systems are installed on Australian roofs every day.

Free solar saving assessment

How much can solar save you? Don’t overpay for a system you don’t need.

Contact Accredited Power Saver for a free solar saving assessment. Our team of energy experts will conduct a detailed free assessment of your home’s energy needs and sun exposure.

See how much a solar system can slash your home’s energy bill.